In 2018 I decided to challenge myself and realise my potential. My goal was to qualify from the Tour of Cambridgeshire to compete in the UCI World Gran Fondo Championships in Italy for my age group. 
To help me achieve this I decided I needed help. A coach who could guide, understand my needs and structure sessions that would challenge, develop and improve me.  From the first session I felt at ease in his company, motivated and valued. He encouraged me to train to a level that prepared me to perform beyond my expectations. 
The training was tailored for ME, he believed in ME, he was always there for ME.
In June 2018 I lined up for the qualifying race at Tour of Cambridgeshire. Things were going well until I crashed with only 19 miles to go. It was from this point onwards that Doyle’s training methods kicked in. I concentrated on what we had done in the many sessions, cadence, power and belief in my ability. Thankfully I qualified. 

Doyle did not want me to rest on my laurels as the challenging sessions continued. This impressed me as he could have seen it as “job done”. 
In September 2018 I represented GB at the World Championship in Italy. My ride was beyond my expectations on a hilly and technical course. 96th in the World and 8th British rider. I could not have been happier. 
The whole training experience with a coach has put my cycling on a different level. I’m more confident in more advanced groups of riders. In 2019 I took part in Time Trials and completed 30miles at an average of 25mph. 
A big thankyou to Doyle who believed in me and guided me to get things done. 

Losers complain…Winners train.