During a long cycling career both indoor and out I have been coached by many different coaches but I can honestly say Doyle stands head and shoulders above any other cycling coach.  Doyle’s knowledge, enthusiasm, motivation and planning for each session is unrivalled.

Prior to any coaching session with Doyle I always feel nervous as I know he will be pushing me to the very edge of my abilities as he quickly learns, via initial test sessions, current capabilities.  Using this knowledge Doyle builds a specific training plan based upon each pupils needs/goals.  Each session has been extremely challenging but thoroughly enjoyable, I’ve never come away from a Doyle coaching session without feeling tired (sometimes I’ve hardly been able to walk up the stairs) but motivated, energised and looking forward to the next session.  I love the way he explains what “we” will be doing during the session before it commences and how hard “we” will be working, the use of “we” always makes me smile, it makes it feel like Doyle is completely immersed in my personal training journey and “we” will be suffering together towards the end goal.

Doyle is extremely good at spotting deficiencies in pedalling technique and then focusing to eliminate them to ensure maximum power output.  This continues even when I’m at the limits of my power output, he doesn’t allow tiredness to be used as an excuse for poor form, total focus is required.  This has been so ingrained into me by Doyle that it becomes automatic when out on the road bike.  Doyle has taught me a huge amount about heart rate, heart rate zones, importance of rest and recovery, correct use of a power meter/power zones and endurance.

Without any hesitation, I thoroughly recommend Doyle to any cyclist who wants to improve their performance out on a road, cyclo cross or mountain bike.